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sos_sporkers's Journal

This is a space created to post the sporkings of my group of friends. The sporks posted here are a collaborative effort.
I am the main contributor to the sporkings, because I am obsessed. I have a love of Deadpan Humour and am the 'sensible' one in the group. I also have an unhealthy love of screwed up people in fiction and various other morbid topics.
My best friend specialises in designing the characters we spork with, because she is awesome at creating likeable and wonderfully snarky characters. She's a Cloudcuckoolander and in represents the 'chaos' in our group. She shares my love of a number of things, especially anime and manga, and has a lovely sense of humour.
My other best friend is...the embodiment of decency and wholesomeness. I shall never know how we came to associate with each other, but she serves as a nice voice of reason when our fan-wanking gets too out of hand. She's rather busy, seeing as she's the oldest member of the group, but she's a wonderful Beta and I am forever in debt to her for helping me with my Original Fiction.
Together, we are known as the Society of Snarkers (SOS).
acting, anime and manga, anime music, biographies, communist china propaganda films, das_mervin...too many to count, historical texts, opera, orchestra, piano, slash, sporking, tvtropes