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An Introduction: A brief (read: rambling and long) post about who the SOS Sporkers are. This account isn't actually only used by me. Some of the sporkings will be done by my friends. So have a look at get to know their styles.

Introduction to our group-writing project: two of my most frequently used sporkers come from this universe, and any PPC fic I write will be using characters from this verse, so I thought it prudent to write up an introduction. And by little, I mean HUGE AND RAMBLING, as always.

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Forced Marriage
So, I’ve disappeared off of Livejournal for…over a year, I believe. It initially started as me adjusting to moving to 3 different countries in just as many months, and then starting college in one of those countries. I simply didn’t have the time. But then…something much more bizarre happened.

I’ve been a victim of forced marriage.

And the experience has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I never realised was…well, a thing. And I thought I should write about it, not just as an explanation for my disappearance and inactivity, but as a way to spread awareness. Because honestly, I never conceived that this was a thing that could happen to me…or, in fact, could happen at all in modern-day America.

For those that don’t know, I was born in China, but moved to Australia when I was very young and was raised in a very western culture. I knew my grandparents’ generation (more or less) all met and married with people their parents had arranged, and I knew it was a thing that happened in very conservative countries like the Middle East. But I never believed it could happen to me.

One of the people that helped me throughout this year was the Tahiri Justice Centre. They’re an organisation of pro bono lawyers based in America who specialises in Forced Marriage, and they’ve seen more than 3000 cases since their founding in 2006. And both they and the POLARIS Project were absolutely angels and quite literally lifesavers.

But it’s also startling the extent of the lack of infrastructure for people in situations like mine.

My family informed me that, to quote, “If everyone said yes, then the answer’s yes. If everyone says no, then it’s no.” They wouldn’t even accept me asking for a reason for them to reject my dates, because it was arrogant to ask. They’ve all had more life experience than me, so who am I to question them? It’s hubris to think that the whole family and all their friends are wrong, and I’m the only one that’s right.

And I understand that reads very much like your normal rhetoric for concerned parents worried about their teenagers dating. But the difference between that and forced marriage is that, in the end, you’re not the one with veto power. Even in arranged marriages in China, at least in the last century or so, the young people involved had veto power. They only met people through the matchmaker, but they could say no if they wanted.

My family made it clear that option wasn’t on the table for me. They would abduct me and fly me back to China and hold me there indefinitely if I resisted, and they could get away with it too. The Chinese government is infamously susceptible to bribes to look the other way, and there wasn’t a lot Australia could do for me once I’m inside China already.

And avoiding as much detail as possible, my family owns a private airplane. Much like cars, a private plane is…well, private property. Which means you can’t search it without a warrant. It would take them no time at all to knock me out and drag me on that plane, and no one would know any better. They don’t have to go through a commercial airport or the TSA.

So I fled.

I pretended I was going to school as normal, but once I got to my classes, I skipped out on them and went to the police station.

Whereupon the police told me to go home.

They said that since my parents hadn’t actually DONE anything yet, they couldn’t help me, but I was welcome to call them again once they actually go about abducting me! As it turns out, even a majority of women’s shelters don’t take in victims of threatened forced marriage. No one seemed to think it was a problem until after the deed was done. I had to seek refuge in Catholic Churches, apparently the only people willing to take me in, until I could contact the help I needed.

Thankfully, through the help of some absolutely amazing people, I managed to get in touch with the Tahiri Justice Centre and the POLARIS Project as mentioned above, and my case was taken seriously.

They arranged a meeting with sympathetic state troopers, and then arranged safehouses for me. From movies, I always thought safe houses were a sort of government funded thing, a little apartment they have set up with protection and stuff. Apparently, safe houses in real life are more like just the spare bedroom of a campaign staffer of someone, who doesn’t even know why you’re there.

I thought I would be nice and informed them of the situation, because they deserved to know what kind of trouble they were letting into their house. That spooked them, and they told me to get the fuck out.

Meanwhile, I was here in America on a student visa, and I had to leave my university to flee my family. So now I find myself without a legitimate status, so I was facing the very real danger of being deported.

It’s been an absolute nightmare.

And not the least is because of the psychological aspects of this whole mess.

My lawyer at the Tahiri Justice Centre sympathises that Forced Marriage cases are always exceedingly delicate. Unlike cases like, say, human trafficking (which is what POLARIS specialises in), often, your clients have very deep emotional bonds with the people hunting them. A victim of a human trafficking ring has no problem ratting out the ring leader once they know they’re going to be physically safe, and usually aren’t going to attempt to go back to that ring.

But the story is very different when your enemy are the people who raised you. And to be honest, I just can’t think of my parents as my enemies. I’m deeply, deeply disappointed that they don’t respect me enough to even give me a chance to find someone on my own. I’m hurt. But, beneath it all, I still can’t help but love them.

So even after everything, I still worry about them. I worry about my dad drinking too much. I worry about my baby little sister who won’t understand why I’m never coming back home. I worry about my grandmother, and if she’ll fight with my dad because she think he drove me away. I can’t sleep at night sometimes. Other times, I have nightmares not of my family catching me, but just all the things I wanted to say to them before I left, but didn't have the opportunity to. And I wake up crying.

And that’s why these cases get so messy. Often times, you don’t get protection unless you’re willing to prosecute. And while you’re hurt and upset at your parents, you still don’t honestly want to ruin their lives and see them in jail. 9 times out of 10, people end up returning to their family at the end of the day, which not only makes people unwilling to help them out (because why stick your neck out with someone if they’re just going to run back), but also creates more trouble when they find out their family hasn’t really changed at all.

But after a year, my life has finally settled down into a semblance of normality. I’m on the track to getting a permanent residency, which I can hopefully turn into citizenship. I’m learning to drive. I’m looking for a job. I still can’t go back to college, because as of right now, I’m an international student, and very few colleges offer financial aid for international students. But at least I’m not looking over my shoulder every time I go outside, or being worried every day I’ll be kicked out of the house I’m living in.

So……that’s what I’ve been up to. It feels like the longest year of my life. It’s been horrible at times, but it’s also how I met some of the most brilliant people I’ll probably ever know. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping anyone up to date. I just didn’t have steady access to a laptop, and I didn’t want to drag any one into this whole mess that I didn’t have to.

And now that everything is returning to normal somewhat, I’ve found myself drifting back towards sporking as stress relief. So hopefully, I’ll be able to get a regular schedule going again.


Bound For Glory: Chapter 14 -- Logia Fight! Manoeuvre
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Supernatural: Season 1 Episode 4 - Phantom Traveller
Incoherent, Capslock-y Rambling:

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Slightly more coherent thoughts:

This episode was...ominous. When I first watched this, I was actually quite worried, because the connection between the theme of the episode and the monster Dean and Sam are after are not that obvious. So for a moment, I thought that they were deteriorating into random Monster of the Week episodes.

Thank god, I was wrong.

I think it's really interesting that after an episode about helplessness, we get an episode all about fear, and how people deal with it. There's Phelps, whose fear made him vulnerable to attack, which ultimately resulted in tragedy. And then there's Amanda, who looked her fear in the face and overcame it, and as a result saved an equal number of people. And both of them relate back to Sam and how he deals with his feelings – though in his case, it's not fear so much as a shit-load of stress and grief. ...Actually, let me amend that. Both of them relate back to Sam and how he's NOT dealing with his problems.

Because his grief has been festering for a couple of episodes now, and frankly, I don't see him doing anything about it in the near future. Because he's stupid and won't TALK with anyone. And it's more than obvious with the mention of Jess at the end of the episode that this is going to be the focus of this season – how Sam's emotional state deteriorates as they (perhaps futilely) search for John. And I love it, because it shows that Jess isn't just...stuffed into the fridge so Sam can go on ADVENTURES!!!!! Even though she's dead, she's been pretty omnipresent in the show, and I really love that. I'm terrified, but at the same time, I can't wait to see where this is heading.

But there is something I'm worried about. So far, this show seems to focus on Sam's angst a lot more than Dean's. I mean, we had a little exposition on his feelings in the last episode, but in general, it seems like the spotlight is far more often on Sam. Which is understandable, granted, because the tragedy Sam's been put through is very recent and fresh in his mind, whereas what happened to Dean was, what, more than two decades ago. But still, I'd have liked it if we gave equal treatment to both Dean and Sam's distress in this episode. Whereas Sam's angst is played for drama and is driving the plot, Dean's fear of planes was...more played for humour than anything. We were never even given any indication that what he said at the start of the episode – that he never gets nightmares – is false. And frankly, I don't believe someone can be a hunter (or at least know about the supernatural) for, what, twenty two years? And not have a whole lot of stressors in their lives. And I wish we'd seen more about Dean's. It's just weird that I already have a vague grasp of what's going on in Sam's head, but still don't know that much about Dean.

But I suppose I shouldn't complain. This is only the fourth episode, after all. There's still plenty of time for us to explore Dean's psyche. In the meantime, I guess I shall have to entertain myself with Sam's distress.

The Darkest Hour, Chapter 4 Part 2, Section C
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A Freak Like Me: Chapter 4
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I don't like this country anymore :(

Supernatural 1.03 - Dead in the Water
My incredibly incoherent, capslock-y thoughts:

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Slightly more coherent thoughts:

This show is keeping up the trend of VERY good episodes. We saw in the first episode how hard the life of a hunter can be – you're not only putting yourself at risk from attacks from supernatural creatures, but also constantly getting in trouble with law enforcement. The job doesn't pay, so you have to resort to fraud to keep yourself alive, you have no home, and you can die at any time. The only friends you can make are in the same industry, and they can die at any time. And half the time, you won't even know what you're walking into. And here we see that even if you did, sometimes, there's just nothing you can do. You just have to stand aside and watch it kill person after person. I really understand why Sam wanted out of it.

Sam's angst was pretty clear in this show – he's being forced into a life he doesn't want, the future he planned destroyed, and the most important person to him killed, and he has no clue how to even begin coping. But Dean's angst has always been more subdued. I think that's why most of his internal problems are shown to us via parallels with other characters – like Haley. And here we see that despite it happening so long ago, when he was just a child, Dean's every bit as traumatised by his mother's death as Sam was by Jess's.

Also, I thought after Dean's little speech in the last episode, Sam would be more accepting of stopping to help people, but he was still arguing against it at the beginning. I'm very worried about that, because it means he still hasn't come to terms with things. And honestly, I don't think he will. So even though he's cutting back on the ranting, he's still stewing, and all that tension he's keeping bottled up because there's nowhere for him to vent it is going to come pouring out one day, and it's not going to be pretty.

Pretty much the only minor complaint I have is that I wish the episode showed us Dean and Sam getting upset over not being able to save anyone. Sure, they prevented it from killing Lucas, but only by sacrificing Jake. And I'm not very comfortable with the idea that they're perfectly fine with that. It'd be better even if we just saw a glimpse of how upset they are that they couldn't help at all.

Supernatual: 1.02 -- Wendigo
My incredibly incoherent, capslock-y thoughts:

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Slightly more coherent thoughts:

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